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Paldrum®01 drum filler - Screw feeder

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    Drum filling with screw feeder Paldrum01


    The PalDrum®01 drum filler station allows the charging of all types of drums with automated features and weight dosing functions.

    The D11 screw feeder from Palamatic Process provides the metering of all your products and powders without the need for dedicated operator intervention to the drum filling station.

    The ergonomic design of the drum loading station offers many advantages:

    • Automatic dosing of all your powders
    • Dust containment by sealed connection of the filling head
    • Drum handling ergonomics for the operator
    • Simplicity and speed for the change of production and products
    • Rate
    • Automation
    • Containment
    Drum filling unit


    Drum filling unit


    Drum filling unit


    Drum filling unit


    The different possible configurations of the PalDrum®01 model:

      Ref. Possible equipment Functions Advantages
    Choice 1 J Inflatable seal Dust tight connection Maximum containment
    P Connection plate Quick connection Speed, ergonomic installation and multi-format drums
    Choice 2  Net Net weighing Provide accurate dosing of the material to be packaged Accelerated rate (dosage in masked time) / may require double check weighing
    Gross Gross weighing Weighing of the entire container and contents Commercial weighing, traceability
    Conveyor C Evacuation conveyor Holding and evacuation of the barrel during packaging Ergonomics, increased cadence

    Our PalDrum®01 packaging machine can be configured by modulating the possible basic equipment: Choice 1 + Choice 2.
    Example of possible reference: PalDrum®01-J-C-Gross

    Choice 1, dust containment: Two possible container connection types:

    Depending on the material to be packaged, two alternatives are available to ensure the containment of the drum or bag.

    • Inflatable seal "J" provides a dust tight connection of the bag after installation by the operator on the filling head.
    • Telescopic connection plate "P" provides a cover plate over the barrel and the bag via a set of pneumatic cylinders.

    During the filling phase, the volume balancing is ensured by a connection to the dust removal system.
    All of the technologies implemented with specific additional coatings provide an ergonomic and clean packaging station for the line operator.

    Choice 2, automatic dosing: gain in weight (GIW) or loss in weight (LIW):

    The integrated screw feeder automatically fills the drum via the load cells installed on the conveyor. The dosing speed is regulated by the PLC, and all parameters can be modified via the touch screen controls.
    For greater dosing precision, the metering screw is fed by an integrated agitator system. The filling accuracy is enhanced by a quick-closing valve. Considering all the technologies and features installed on this system is what makes it possible to obtain a filling accuracy of 0.5%.

    Drum filling rate: the high-flow weight dispenser and the motorized conveyor ensure a minimal filling time. For drum filling productions requiring a high packaging rate, net weighing can be used to operate the installation of the drum and bag in masked time. The net weighing configuration can achieve packaging rates up to 200 drums/hour.
    The range of drums that can be filled on the PalDrum 01 material filling unit is between 25 and 300 kg. The filling head is height adjustable to adapt to different production series, and the conveyor installed on a lifting table adjusts the connection height.

    Ergonomics of the packaging line
    The motorized roller conveyor located under the drum filling station offers efficient ergonomics for the operator. It prevents the operator from needing to lift the filled drum, making use of the system safer. At the exit of the roller conveyor line a palletizer, or drum handler, can be offered as an option to facilitate pallet loading.

    Our design office can also create customized high flow stations with the integration of two filling heads.

    The PalDrum® range of Palamatic Process drum conditioners offer the required packaging solution to your production constraints and various materials to be packed.

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    Equipment advantages

    - Containment and sealing during filling
    - Filling rates adapted to production
    - Dosing system: 4 load cells located under the station control the dispenser for autonomous and precise filling
    - Accumulation and evacuation conveyor to create buffer stock and ensure offset of the barrels for strapping and securing on a pallet

    View our equipment in photos

    Drum filling machine with precise dosing

    Drum filling machine with precise dosing

    The PalDrum®01 drum filling machine ensures high-precision dosing of your bulk materials. This is the J-C-Brut model.

    Drum/bucket filling station sealer

    Drum/bucket filling station sealer

    Industrial sealer for plastic bags at the exit of the conveyor. 

    Bucket filling and evacuation conveyor

    Bucket filling and evacuation conveyor

    The Paldrum01 station is suitable for filling buckets. It has a discharge conveyor once the buckets have been filled.

    drum tipping bulk material handling

    Packaging contained in drums

    Palamatic Process proposes solutions for tight drum conditioning for a healthy working atmosphere, without dust particles.

    drum unlaoding bulk material handling

    Drum filling system

    Roller conveyor on drum conditioning line in the chemical industry.

    drum discharging bulk material handling

    Drum conveyor

    Complete installation for filling industrial drums.

    drum filling rubber application

    Manufacture of plastic materials

    Drum conditioning line for industrial processes in the chemical sector.

    drum filling plastic application

    Drum conditioning

    Filling head is placed on the drum.

    atex drum conditioner chemistry application

    Drum filling with vibrating table

    Installation for filling drums with roller conveyor for feeding and evacuating drums.

    drum filling vibratory table

    Conveyor line

    Industrial line for automatic conditioning of cardboard drums.

    bulk handling drum filling system

    Filling of drums with containment lid

    Industrial automatic packaging line for metal drums.

    Hauts débits de remplissage et un minimum d'intervention humaine

    High filling rate and minimal operator intervention

    The PalDrum® system is an automated drum filling station that allows a high level of production by minimizing the need for manual manipulation by operators.

    Technical specification

    Technical characteristics: 

    - Standard packaging station

    - Manual docking and positioning of the barrel

    - Suitable for all types of containers

    Available options

    • Drum filling - Bulk materials - Roller conveyor
      Drum filling - Bulk materials - Roller conveyor

      Handling conveyor

      Palamatic Process studies, designs and manufactures conveying solutions for all sectors of activity and thus the handling of loads up to several tons.

    • Tube lifter for barrels
      Tube lifter for barrels

      Effortless handling of drums with vacuum lifter

      The drum vacuum manipulator offers lifting and handling ergonomics for production operators. Unloading and transferring operations are made simple, safe and effective by the installation of this equipment.

    • Powder sampler on filling head
      Powder sampler on filling head

      Powder sampler on filling head

      The sampler is installed on the drum conditioning station providing automatic sampling for each filled container.
      The main function in this type of setup is batch lot traceability. Volumetric sampling from the product stream ensures good material representation.

    • Magnetic bars
      Magnetic bars

      Magnetic bars

      Capture of metal particles at the end of a production line prior to final packaging in drums. This ensures a high-quality finished product.

      The bars are positioned inside the flow of product to retain any metal particles.

    • Lid sealer for drums
      Lid sealer for drums

      Strapping machine for drum lid removal

      Sealing of the drum is done manually but the removal of the cover can be carried out automatically.

    • Clip on bag in barrel
      Clip on bag in barrel

      Clipper for closing the inner bag

      Closing the bag: manual or automatic clip closure system (staples), compatible with applications for the food industry.

    • Industrial welding machine for bags
      Industrial welding machine for bags

      industrial welder for plastic bags

      Bag sealer - rate of 4 to 20 bags/min.

      If the welder is manual, the installation of a load balancer is possible. It is particularly suitable for plastic bags with a sealing width ranging from 650 to 1000 mm. Several versions are available depending on the closing technology chosen: double impulse welding, thermal welding, hot air welding.

    • Vibrating motor
      Vibrating motor

      Vibration densification table

      The vibration of the bag/barrel at the end of filling cyle optimizes the filling volume.

      Other packing alternatives: air compression or mechanical pressure.

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