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Truck Filling - Truck Loading Spout

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    Truck loading spout - Bulk handling

    Truck Filling Spout - Loading in Tank or Open Trucks

    The telescopic loading handle for tank and open trucks is an ideal solution for continuously loading bulk materials at high flow rates up to 250 m³ per hour.

    The telescopic loader for tanker trucks and open bed trucks allows continuous loading of bulk materials at high flow rates of 250 m³/h. Lifting equipment offered in either electric or manual winch.
    We offer simple manual design, or versions with various integrated to best adapt to the requirements of each application.
    Basic version: ideal compromise between quality and price for the loading of bulk materials.

    Its compact shape allows its use in restrictive spaces:

    - Centering cone

    - Reinforced telescopic handle

    - Manual lifting

    The Palamatic Process FTruckMatic® tank truck filling line has this loading spout that provides a dust tight connection to the truck.

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    Equipment advantages

    - Modular construction according to the application

    - Double bellows 60/30 in food neoprene

    - Control panel

    - Anti-waste system

    - Pneumatic butterfly valve or slide valve to shut off material flow

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    Truck loading spout

    The truck loading spout is used to convey powders and bulk products without dust emissions. This makes it possible to increase employee safety and respect for the environment. Any risk of explosion is then eliminated. The truck is loaded when the valve is opened. Truck loading spouts are designed for both closed and open trucks. The truck loading spout is suitable for filling trucks, wagons, ships...

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    truck loading bulk handling

    Truck loading spout

    Truck filling spout with shut-off valve and balancing line ensure the conditioning of the carbonate in the truck.

    truck loading bulk handling solution

    Truck filling

    The objective of this facility is the transport and storage of carbonate in storage silos.

    truck loading bulk handling solution

    Truck loading

    The bulk truck loading of the carbonate is carried out gravitarily by a double jacketed spout. The flow rates are in the order of 50 t./h.

    truck loading bulk handling solution

    Truck loading - palamatic process

    Sleeve for loading on a complete filling line for polyethylene beads into octabins.

    truck loading spout mechanical conveying

    Mechanical conveying - Truck loading spout

    Telescopic truck filling spout under storage silo.

    truck loading bulk raw material handling

    Truck loading bulk raw materials handling

    Telescopic charger for filling tank trucks with bulk solids.

    truck loading spout conveying screw

    Truck loading spout conveying screw

    Truck filling spouts provide efficient loading of bulk materials into tank trucks.

    truck loading spout bulk materials

    Truck loading spout bulk materials

    Telescopic charger for filling open trucks or tankers without dust emission. 

    truck loading spout

    Truck loading spout fed by pneumatic conveying

    Polymer granulate process.

    truck loading bulk powders handling

    Truck filling - Truck loading spout

    Telescopic loader for truck filling in an industrial quarry.

    truck filling

    Truck loading spout under silo

    Filling sleeve for loading tank trucks with aggregates.

    Technical specification

    Main product features: 

    - Custom design possible

    - Capacitive level indicator, rotary paddles...
    - Electric or Manual versions for lifting and lowering

    - 230/400V 60 Hz

    - 304 stainless steel finish for contact parts

    - Electrical panel and button box

    - Connection diameter 300 mm


    Truck loading sleeves are usually located under:

    - Silos
    Rotary airlock valve...
    - Bucket elevators
    - Screw conveyor
    - Valves 

    Available options

    • Truck loading bulk handling
      Truck loading bulk handling

      Level sensor

      Level sensor:

      1. vibratory

      2. capacitive

      3. rotary

    • Truck loading control system
      Truck loading control system

      Wireless control

      Wireless radio control for raising/lowering the telescopic loader and the beginning/end of the loading cycle.

    • Truck loading double bellows
      Truck loading double bellows

      Double bellows

      Double bellows:

      1. without internal cones

      2. with internal cones

    • Truck loading simple bellow
      Truck loading simple bellow

      Single bellows

      Single bellows:

      1. without internal cones

      2. with internal cones

    • Truck loading bulk handling
      Truck loading bulk handling

      Filtration system

      Integrated filtration system with compressed air cleaning and dust collection directly in the truck.

    • Calcium carbonate plant

      Processed powder: carbonate - Calcium carbonate plant - Company specialized in the supply of aggregates to the Maghreb.
    • Oil drilling fluids

      Processed powder: barite - Oil drilling fluids- Company working in the treatment of drilling muds. Barite, high density and abrasive material, is used as a binder in drilling fluids to facilitate the...
    • Loading of activated carbon

      Processed powders: activated carbon - Loading of activated carbon - Installation for the world's leading supplier of coal for the energy sector.
    • Truck loading with amino acids

      Processed powder: amino acids - Truck loading with amino acids - This facility concerns a major player in the production and marketing of amino acids for animal feed.
    • Truck and wagon loading

      Processed powder: adipic acid - Truck and wagon loading - The installation is especially designed to meet all the customer's constraints, in particular operation of the installation at a flow rate of...
    • Bulk truck loading

      Processed powder: polypropylene - Bulk truck loading - This powder handling line is designed to feed granules into trucks at a high rate of 25 t/h. The production requirement is to create neither...
    • Tanker truck loading

      Processed product: plastic granules - Tanker truck loading - Container tipping equipment for the transfer of plastic granules into a tanker truck
    • Loading of fly ash

      Processed product: refiom, ashes - Loading of fly ash - Discharging of fly ash from storage silos for bulk truck loading.
    • Cement truck filling

      Processed product: cement - Filling of truck with cement - Two EasyFlow® EF100 bulk bag unloading stations for high-speed semi-automatic unpacking .
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    FlowMatic®07 bulk bag filling system

    Containment, Tension of bulk bag, Bulk bag forming, Weighing, Mobile...

    Bin activator

    To facilitate the powders extraction under hopper

    Centrifugal screener - 3 models

    Quality control and protection in production lines

    Magnetic detector

    Ferrous separator for gravity application on industrial production...

    Rigid silo

    To store your powders and granules in bulk material handling...

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