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Anti-bridging device - Flat bottom

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    flat bottom anti bridging device palamatic process
    ATEX certification Palamatic Process

    Anti-bridging device - Flat bottom
    To boost and control the flow of powders under silo or hopper 

    The anti-bridging devices break up lumps and facilitate the flow of bulk materials.
    There are flat-bottomed or conical-bottomed anti-bridging devices available depending on the application required.

    Manufactured in mild steel, 304 stainless steel and 316L stainless steel
    Ø 400, 600, 800 and 1 500 mm

    Logo test center Palamatic Process

    The anti-bridging device with flat bottom is used for the extraction and feeding of pneumatic conveying lines, screw conveyors, rotary airlock valves...  
    It provides mechanical agitation of the bulk material to prevent it from caking during storage or after a milling phase.

    The anti-bridging device, also called extraction system, is entirely mechanical and is fitted with a rotary blade driven by a gear which moves the bulk material down to the feeding point while avoiding the formation of bridges. Seals on the passage of the shaft are particularly neat with braids and deflector.
    Versions with pressurization are possible.
    The speed of the anti-bridging device can be adjusted with a frequency converter.
    The blade engine is independent (installed power: 1.5 kW - 15 kW IP55).

    • Efficiency
    • Air consumption
    • Noise level
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    Equipment advantages

    - Mechanical extraction without air or vibration 

    - Under silo mounting by simple flange

    - Work independent of the load with complete discharge of the silo

    - Tight and silent operation

    - Ease of implementation

    - Quick assembly 

    - Dosing accuracy

    View our equipment in photos

    flat bottom anti bridging device bulk

    Mechanical anti-bridging device

    The mechanical anti-bridging device ensures a mechanical mixing of the bulk materials to avoid their mass caking.

    anti bridging device palamatic process

    Flat bottom anti-bridging device

    Flat bottom anti-bridging device on an industrial powder handling line.

    flat bottom anti bridging device powder

    Anti-bridging device with flat bottom

    The mechanical flat-bottomed anti-bridging device increases the storage volume.

    bulk handling anti bridging device

    Bulk handling processing equipment

    The anti-bridging device ensures accurate batching when emptying hoppers or storage silos.

    anti bridging device

    Palamatic Process anti-bridging device with flat bottom

    The Palamatic Process anti-bridging device with flat bottom increases the storage volume of your bulk or powder products.

    bin activator

    Bin activator

    Bin activator for mechanical extraction of bulk powders, mounting on silo with a simple flange.

    flat bottom anti bridging device

    Industrial production line with an anti-bridging device Palamatic Process

     Extraction solution for difficult-flow powders.

    anti bridging device palamatic process

    Test center : anti-bridging device

    Available for testing with your materials in our technical center.

    Available options

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      Vibrating bin aerator - Bulk material and powder handling

      Vibrating bin aerator

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