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FlowMatic®06 bulk bag filling system

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    Big bag filling system - Bulk powder handling

    FlowMatic® 06 Bulk bag filler - 100% Automation for Net Weighing at High Rate Capacities

    The complete system solution for automatic filling of bulk bags in net weighing operations. This model is ideal for continuous filling operations at high rates (30-60 bulk bags/hour) and minimizes the need for direct intervention by production operators.

    The Flowmatic® 06 automated super sack filler is equipped with all necessary options for fast packaging of bulk bags, such as: pre-dosing weigh hopper, inflatable containment seal, automated bulk bag hooks, pneumatic cylinder for height adjustment, pre-forming fan, commercial weighing, vibrating densification table, pallet feeder and a motorized roller conveyor.

    • Automation
    • Rate
    • Overall dimensions


    1 - Pallet unstacker

    2 - Motorized conveyors

    3 - Automatic release

    4 - Inflatable seal

    5 - Rotating head

    6 - Tension cylinder

    7 - Vibrating table

    8 - Load cells

    9 - Pre-dosing hopper

    10 - Platform

    The Flowmatic® 06 bulk bag loading system represents the complete solution for automatic net weighing of big bags, FIBCs, super sacks, jumbo bags and bulk bags (dosing, packaging, conveying, etc.). This model is designed for continuous use at high throughput rates while integrating automatic operation features to minimize the need for human intervention.

    Size FlowMatic06 bulk bag filling system

    FlowMatic® 06 operation procedure:

    1. The pallet feeder automatically places an empty pallet on the motorized roller conveyor to supply the bulk bag filling station.
    2. The operator loads the empty bulk bag by its handles on the rotating head.
    3. The bulk bag inlet spout is fitted to the filling head via the inflatable seal for dust containment.
    4. To optimize the filling volume of the bulk bag, the pneumatic cylinder adjusts the height and tension on the FIBC.
    5. A pre-forming fan inflates the bulk bag to prevent wrinkles for optimal filling capacity.
    6. A bypass valve switches the inflation fan to an exhaust system for volume balancing and possible connection to a central dust collection system.
    7. The material fills the bulk bag and, in hidden time, the next batch of material is prepared in the weighed hopper above.
    8. Positioned under the bulk bag is the vibrating table which densifies the material to promote stability of the bulk bag.
    9. The filling cycle is complete, deflating the bulk bag seal and automatically releasing the hooks that hold the bulk bag handles.
    10. The bulk bag is automatically transferred to a buffer storage area via the motorized roller conveyor.
    Dimensions Flowmatic06 bigbag filling
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    Equipment advantages

    - Handling conveyor for automatic high rate filling
    - Pallet unstackers with a capacity of 15 multi-format pallets
    - Net weighing dosing hopper for containment and automation
    - Simple unloading operation of filled bulk bags by forklift

    View our equipment in videos

    Automatic big bag filler

    Customer application: Automatic big bag filling and sugar dosing. 

    Semi-automatic big bag packaging line for fish meal

    Semi-automatic big bagging of fish meal.

    Big bag filling - Flowmatic 06

    Big bag filling - Flowmatic 06 100% automated bulk bag loader with net weighing for high rate loading

    Bulk bag filling range

    View our equipment in photos

    bulk bag filling raw material outlet

    Palamatic Process Bulk bag filling

    Motorized roller conveyor on big bag filling station.

    bulk bag conditioner bulk material palamatic process

    Inflatable seal

    Shown here, the inflatable seal provides a dust tight connection to your bulk bag inlet spout.

    bulk bag conditioner production line palamatic process

    Bulk bag filling - Bulk materials handling system

    Automatic super sack loader with net weighing for high rate filling operations. 

    The complete solution for automatic super sack filling by net weighing operation. The bulk bag filler is perfect for continuous use with high flow rates (30-60 bulk bags/hr) and minimize the need for intervention by operators.

    Big bag filling system - Bulk powder handling

    Big bag packing production line

    The dosing hopper for feeding the big bag filling station is equipped with load cells.

    big bag packing bulk solid flowmatic06

    Automatic release hooks

    The bulk bag straps are automatically released once the filling cycle is complete.

    big bag filling station flowmatic

    Big bag filling head

    The belt conveyor provides motorized evacuation of the big bag once it is filled.

    bulk bag filling raw material

    FIBC loading

    Loading of big bags on industrial production lines processing bulk materials.

    Big bag filling system - Flowmatic 06

    Bulk bag evacuation

    Once filled, the bulk bag is transferred to a buffer area by the motorized roller conveyor. From there a forklift operator can take the bulk bag away. 

    big bag packing bulk solid material flowmatic06

    FIBC handling

    Net weighing and commercial transaction are the benefits of the FlowMatic® 06 big bag conditioner.

    big bag packing bulk processing palamatic process flowmatic06

    Bulk bag loading

    High efficiency and ergonomic design are some of the major benefits of the FlowMatic® 06 bulk bag packaging system.

    big bag filling raw material packaging

    Bulk bag raw material packaging

    Seen in this image, the bulk bag is automatically released by the handling hooks once the material filling process is complete.

    big bag filling raw material palamatic process pallet unstaker

    Pallet unstacker

    The pallet unstacker has a capacity of 15 multi-format pallets.

    FIBC filling system - Inflatable seal

    Bulk bag filling system powder handling equipment inflatable containment seal

    The inflatable containment seal provides the filling of the bulk bag in a secure manner without risk of dust and debris getting into the production atmosphere.

    bulk handling big bag filling bulk materials

    Handling conveyor on bulk bag filling line

    Conditioning of minerals in big bags.

    bulk handling packaging palamatic process

    Bulk materials handling

    Packing station for big bags of seeds.

    big bag filling line conveyor

    Big bag filling line conveyor

    The big bags of sugar, once filled, are moved using a roller conveyor.

    big bag sewing after filling

    Welding machine for bulk bag sealing

    The thermo-welding system allows the operator to tightly seal off the bulk bag after the material filling sequence.

    big bag filling pallets

    Automatic pallet feeder

    The stacked pallets are stored in the magazine capacity of the automatic feeder. One by one they are placed onto the motorized roller conveyor and transferred to the bulk bag packing station.

    process hopper

    Hopper on bulk bag filling processing line

    Dosing hopper upstream of the big bag filling machine for a biscuit processing line.

    big bag filling raw materials handling flowmatic 04

    Bulk bag packing

    This system installation transfers the material from an existing silo via a screw conveyor to the bulk bag filling station.

    big bag filling bulk powders

    Filling super sacks with bulk materials

    The FlowMatic Series by Palamatic Process: Bulk bag storage solutions for bulk materials.

    big bag filling with sugar

    Big bag filling with sugar

    The installation of a roller conveyor provides high filling rates.

    speed monitoring big bag flling

    Speed control for bulk bag filling

    Bulk bag filling with animal flour from a high and low rate adjustable screw conveyor.

    automatic bulk bag filling flowmatic 04

    Rotating filling head for bulk bags

    The rotating head provides ergonomic access for the operator to place the bulk bag handles on the automatic release hooks.

    big bag packing bulk solid material flowmatic04

    The FlowMatic06 bulk bag filling system

    Industrial production line for the automatic filling of super sacks shown here with an operator access platform. 

    bulk bag filling raw material applications feeding hopper

    Bulk bag material filling application with feeding hopper

    Palamatic Process has developped a high speed super sack packaging system with hygienic features. The objective is to condition the bulk material being fed from a blower truck into the buffer hopper that fills the bulk bags.

    Big bag filling system - Powder process

    Bulk bag powder filling line

    Filled bulk bags of sugar are transferred by means of a roller conveyor.

    Technical specification

    Rate 30 to 60 bulk bags/h.
    Capacity 2 tons/bulk bag
    Manufacturing materials Painted steel, 304L stainless steel
    Installed power 11.7  HP
    Compressed air consumption 353 CFM
    Dust removal rate 600 m³/h.


    Finishing touches: RAL 9006, micro-blasted, electropolishing
    Average power consumption: 2 HP
    Operating pressure: 6 bar
    Input 4 - 20 mA: 1
    Digital input: 15
    Digital output: 13
    Accuracy of the weighing chain: ± 500 grams
    Maximum dimensions of big bags: 47,25" (L) x 47.25" (W) x 94.5" (H)


    Equipment integrated into the FlowMatic® 06 model:

    • Pre-weighed dosing hopper
    • Motorized roller conveyor
    • Pre-inflation fan
    • Automatic bulk bag unhooking
    • Tension cylinder
    • Vibrating table for densification
    • Pallet unstacker

    Available options

    • FIBC filling system - Mat laying
      FIBC filling system - Mat laying

      Mat laying

      A mat laying station is located between the pallet unstacker and the big bag conditioning system. It allows the automatic placement of a mat (cardboard or PE film) on the empty pallet before filling. This machine is an essential complement for a maximum containment of the big bag meeting the quality standard of many industries.

    • Bulk bag filling system - Covering of the bag
      Bulk bag filling system - Covering of the bag

      Slip cover

      At the outlet of the bulk bag filling station, an automatic wrapper provides final containment of the bulk bag. The bulk bag is transferred via a motorized conveyor. 

    • Bulk bag conditioner - Grounding clamp
      Bulk bag conditioner - Grounding clamp

      Grounding clamp

      Integrated onto the station are grounding clamps. They provide a quick connection point to provide grounding of the bulk bags and the earth bonding of the assembly.

    • Bulk bag conditioner - Welding machine
      Bulk bag conditioner - Welding machine

      Integrated bag welding machine

      After being filled, the bulk bag is conveyed to the sealing station. A thermo-welding machine allows the operator to seal the bulk bag by the inner liner. The welding technology can be adapted according to the characteristics of the inner liner (aluminium, poly, etc).

    • Packing of white sugar and crystal sugar in bulk bags

      Processed powders: granulated white sugar, surfine caster sugar, crystal sugar - Packing in bulk bags of white sugar and crystal sugar - This bulk bag installation is designed to achieve a minimum...
    • Powdered sugar packaging

      Processes powder: powdered sugar - Powdered sugar bagging - Our client is a company specializing in sugar manufacturing with a need to increase production capacity to meet the rising demand by global...
    • Loading bulk bags of soda ash

      Treated powder : Natural soda ash - Automatic bulk bag filling line with buffer hoppers. Remote control system ensuring traceability and safety of the process.
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