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Sack compactor

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    empty big bag waste size reduction
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    BAG COMPACTOR - Reduce the volume of waste

    The bag compactor reduces the volume of plastic and paper waste to maintain a healthy, dust-free atmosphere.
    Its solid design, in painted steel and 304L stainless steel, is suitable for processes in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

    Palamatic Process CBU60 bag compactors are designed for perfect integration into a manual bag dump station to contain dust emissions and significantly reduce waste volume. The operator can safely discard the empty bag into the compactor.
    The trough screw extrudes the empty package into a polyethylene sheath, held by a tension ring and easily detachable.
    Bag compactors are able to compact all types of bags (paper bag, plastic bag, polyethylene bag, etc.) while containing the dust emitted during the compaction operation. The compaction takes place in a completely confined enclosure.
    Whether connected directly to the bag dump station or independent, PALAMATIC PROCESS provides a customized solution in accordance with your needs.

    Operation procedure:

    Once the bulk material deconditioning operation is completed, the operator throws the empty bag directly into the bag compactor. Start and stop are directly controlled by a dedicated PLC.


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    Equipment advantages

    - Suitable for all types of bags: paper, plastic, burlap

    - Clean work environment

    - Can be supplied alone or integrated into a bag dump system

    - Possibility of recovery of residual fines by specific drawer



    Technical specification

    • The empty bag compactor with worm screw is composed of a trough in surface-treated steel or stainless steel 304L, stainless steel 316L.
    • The compactor is equipped with a direct drive.
    • A polyethylene sheath tube positioned at the end of the metal tube allows the empty bags to be collected.
    • Thanks to its modular design, all parts of the machine are easily accessible.
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